The Jabez School and Trauma Center is continuing to do God’s work in Gant City, Liberia.  The school addition of three classrooms and an auditorium is under construction to continue to meet the needs of that community.  In addition, there is a proposal by the Student Council to make “Ken’s Peace Hut!”  The hut is named after a long time supporting friend of Jabez.

Even the children got to be a part of the construction by molding 200 concrete bricks and gathering crushed rock.

Current and future Jabez teachers are being sponsored for training. This ensures Jabez students have trained teachers to meet their needs.  In the future, these teachers will need to travel further to receive this training.  The Gant City teacher training program closed this year.

The Jabez School teaches Christian values, encourages community, provides a safe environment, practices Christian approaches to conflict resolution, and demonstrates effective communication.



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