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The Mission of the Month for September is Red Bird Mission.  Red Bird Mission was founded in 1921 in the southeastern corner of Kentucky to provide education and Christian Evangelism ministries to residents of the area.  The Mission was started by the Evangelical Church on a small piece of property at the confluence of Cow Fork and the Red Bird River.  The story of Red Bird is one of deep faith in God.  Red Bird Mission was born in answer to prayer.  It is a story of gracious outpouring of prayer and means by the Church.  As early as 1913 the women of the Evangelical Church became aware of the needs of the the people of the Southern Highlands.  In 1919 the Illinois Branch Women's Missionary Society was the first of three branches to request that the church begin work here.  After much prayer and study the Women's Board established the Faith Fund, named it this because they said "in the faith that money would flow into it and that God will show us where to invest it".


Through the years the Red Bird ministries have grown until now there is not only a school; but a clinic, store, craft market, community outreach ministries for children and elderly, community garden and farmer’s market.  There are work camps year-round to repair and update the homes of people in the area.  We will be learning more about these ministries through the month of September.


Red Bird Mission reflects "the light that shines in the darkness, Jesus Christ, since the establishment of the school in 1921.  Darkness has come to the people of the Red Bird Valley many times over the decades in many ways, but Red Bird Mission reflects the light of Jesus that overcomes physical, emotional and spiritual darkness as supporters of Red Bird Mission, we join in this great mission of creating light and hope for literally thousands.


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