The Mission of the Month for April is Ingathering.  Ingathering is a way that United Methodists gather goods, supplies, food, cleaning materials and more and deliver them to people who are in need. Relief supply kits help provide care for the most vulnerable people during times of crisis.  The items needed to supply these kits are collected by generous donors across the United States.  These items are then sent to one of our Health & Welfare Ministries or United Methodist Conference supply depots, where volunteers assemble, verify and pack the kits so that they can be sent to where they are needed most.

This year we will be collecting items to supply as many Hygiene or Hospitality Kits and Cleaning Kits (formerly Flood Buckets) as we can.  The Hospitality Kits will be designated for Wisconsin Conference Agencies and Projects:  Harbor House, Northcott, United Methodist Children's Services and Solomon Outreach.  The Cleaning Kits will be sent to the Midwest Distribution Center to be used by UMCOR where there is flooding, fire or other disasters where cleaning supplies are needed.

Please help by picking which item or items you are able to provide.  Kits will be made with the items we gather.  If you would prefer to complete a whole Hospitality kit yourself, there will be copies of the list of items needed in each of the men's, women's and kid's kits on the table in the Narthex.  We will also need cash to be used for the $3 shipping charge on the cleaning buckets and also to purchase any items needed to complete as many kits as possible.

Each of us by ourselves is only able to do a little, but working together we can do a lot.  Let's work together to do a lot for our brothers and sisters who need our help.

See the April Newsletter (page 4)
for a complete list of items needed




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